Insurance Domain Sme

Insurance Domain Sme


Insurance Domain Sme

Details of the offer

Profile Requirements

Suitable candidates would be senior insurance industry professionals – preferably in General Insurance (P&C Insurance) or Health Insurance and would meet 3 or more of the following requirements:

Worked closely with a US-based Insurance company CMO, CIO or a CDO (Chief Data Officer) in the HQ
Have a good understanding of the IT systems used insurance
Have a good understanding of policy making and strategic decision making w.r.t to insurance products in their company
Interacted with technology solution providers in selecting / implementing insurance solutions for their company
Understand the current trends in the industry – especially the impact of InsureTech

Job Description

Selected candidate would be a part-time (50% time commitment each month) consultant for a period of 1 year (renewable by one more year upon mutual acceptance) to the BRE team with the following responsibilities (not an exhaustive list):

Advise the team leadership in the selection of suitable industry problems to solve, existing solutions for the problem(s), their pros & cons, and new approaches being tried.
Recommend promising new approaches / solutions for selected problems.
Participate in the team’s design sprints, to guide the product development.
Participate in the team’s product demos and provide feedback to make the demos more authentic and effective
Advise on suitable approach / solutions for specific leads.
Assist in pre-sales situations with their industry expertise – both for solution proposals as well as in discussions with potential customers.
Carry out structured and adhoc insurance industry knowledge transfer sessions for the BRE team members.

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  • IT - Information Technology / CIO - Chief Information Officer